The Quintette Eole was founded in 1998. Since then, our concerts have aimed to please both music enthusiasts as well as the general public. Our large and diverse repertory can be adapted to the audience, and is centered around three main points:

- promotion of the little known repertory for wind quintets with works by Reicha, Hindemitn, Haas, Korsakov, Ligeti, Berio...
- contemporary music : Quintette Eole has interpreted works by Laurent Mettraux (Switzerland), Vincent Blanes (Spain) and Jean-François Michel (Switzerland) and took part in Espace 2 Young Musicians Tribune, in the Expo 02 festival and in Saint-Privas-d’Allier Contemporary Music Festival.
- arrangements of famous works : Quintette Eole proposes thematic concert programs such as the one on the very romantic theme of "Hell" proposed during the Berlioz year with arrangements of works by Berlioz, Gounod, de Falla and Gluck. Quintet Eole also worked with soprano Florence Bielman on German lied and
arrangements of works by Mahler and Strauss.


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